What’s emigration? It’s the human movement  of leaving your motherland or origin country in order to settle definitively in another country. As many historic documents indicates the emigration has been provoking a deep influence around the world since 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21th centuries. Many studies show how millions of people left Europe and Asia in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the well known emigration of Latin people to United States. Along the times humans and animals are migrating all the time. But is very well to recall the reasons to migrate from one site to another. Some animals do it because the season could be favorable or not to their manners to live. We, such as thinking being,  have different reasons to emigrate. There are many reasons or suggestions to emigrate, such as push factors, which motive people to go far away, such as lack of jobs, or opportunities, persecution based on race, religion or sexual orientation, or economic struggling as well. Facing these kind of situations, people are pushed to abandon their original place. Another kind of factor to emigrate could be called pull factors, which encourage people to leave looking for a better place, such as better job, better pays, join friends and families, and political and religion freedom. Some countries have prohibited or restricted  emigration of their citizens, also others countries limit the arrival of immigrants for a variety reasons. However,  thousands of people emigrate every year to everywhere, but United states of America could be the place number one to emigrate. Althougth United States has various immigrant communities, the hispanic community is one of the largest.

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